Wellington House

Long Drove / Station Road

Wellington house is located on the south side of Station Road, just west of the school. The house itself is not visible from the road, but there are two gated entrances to the property. The main entrance is adjacent to the school and the other is further down station road, but was generally unused.

William Henry Rose had Wellington House built sometime around the late 1800s. It appears on the Ordnance Survey 1st Edition map which was created during the period of 1879-1886. The road bridge was built in 1880 and also appears on this map which indicates this area was surveyed some time during or after 1880.

Rose Family

The 1881 census lists William Hy. Rose living on Station Drove, as a Farmer of 852 acres, employing 3 men, 10 boys and 8 girls. Also listed is his wife Sarah, and children, Hugh, Edwin, Bertram and Kenneth. This record does not mention Wellington House, but Station Road was originally named Long Drove, and sometime after the station was built it became known as Station Drove.

The 1891 census lists William and Sarah living at 9 Station Road, along with seven children and two domestic servants.

The 1901 census shows William Henry Rose, with wife Sarah and five children residing at Wellington House, Station Road. Two of the children were Edwin (eldest) and Clifford (youngest).

William Henry died in 1919, and Sarah died in 1929.

Kelly's dictionary of 1925 (or 1933) Clifford Rose is listed as Hawthorn House, and Edwin Rose is listed as Wellington house. Shaw, 2009

Edwin Rose died 1949. However, as the Howletts were in Wellington house by 1943, he must have left the house sometime before this.

Howlett Family

The 1943, 1950 and 1955 telphone directories all list Howlett, G. W. frmr, wellington ho, Ten Mile Bank. Telephone number Southery 284.

A newspaper article from 1955 metions a Mrs G Howlett who lent Wellington House field to the school for sports day.

The 1960 telephone diectory lists; Howlett, A. E. Telephone number 286.

Rice Family

The 1970, 1980, 1982 and 1984 telephone directories all list; Rice, Morton A. Telephone number 286.

Inhabitants during the 1980s was Mr Morton Rice (of Poultry Farm) and his wife Doris E. They were married in Q2 of 1957. The 1958 telephone directory indicates they lived at a property known as Rivercroft before moving to Wellington House. Morton and Doris are listed in the Electoral role in 2002.