The People


Akred Family

Mary Akred

Mary Akred from Hilgay Ten Mile Bank was born around 1797. She died at the age of 54 years and was burried on 19th June 1851.

James & Emma Akred

James Akred died 15th January 1908 at the age of 61 years. His wife Emma died one year later on 2nd January 1909 aged 66 years. They were buried together in St Marks cemetery.

Peter Akred

Peter Akred was the son of James Akred from the parish of Hilgay All Saints. Peter married Ann Barrow, a servant from Botany Bay on 13th October 1837.

Eunice Akred

Eunice Akred was the daughter of James Akred from the parish of Hilgay All Saints. Eunice married Robert Promfrey from Ten Mile Bank on 13th September 1837, when she was 19 years of age.

Jeremiah Akred

Jeremiah Akred from Ten Mile Bank was the son of Joseph Akred from the parish of Hilgay All Saints. Jeremiah married Elizabeth Howson Duffield also from Ten Mile Bank on 6th February 1875.

Joseph and Mary Anne Akred

Joseph and Mary Anne from Ten Mile Bank had their son Thomas baptised on 23rd July 1848.

Armfield Family

John & Lucy Armfield

John Patterson Armfield married Lucy Bocock on 19th March 1876. John was the schoolmaster and Lucy the schoolmistress at St Marks school. They lived on station road with their two daughters Nelly and Allethea.

John died 29th October 1891, at only 38. He is buried in St Marks cemetery, where his memorial states "during 16 years the faithful and efficient master of St Marks".

By 1901, Lucy, Nelly and Allethea had moved to Nottingham where Lucy seems to be a Landlady, most likely running a small boarding house.

Brundle Family

David & Elizabeth Brundle

David Brundle was a blacksmith at Ten Mile Bank. He was married to Elizabeth. They had at least one child, John William, who was baptised on 22nd September 1844.

Dodgeson Family

Thomas Dodgeson

Thomas Dodgeson is living at Pear Tree House in 1939. He is listed as schoolmaster and also an Air Raid Warden. His two sons Brian and Anthony are with him. They also appear to have an Evacuee living with them.

Elderkin Family

Henry & Ada Elderkin

Henry Edward Elderkin was born in Stoke Doyle, Northamptonshire to William John Dennis and Catherine Elderkin and was Babtised April 6th 1855.

Henry Edward's baptistism record, 1855

Henry Edward married Ada Annie on 6th September 1881 at Riseley Bedford. The 1885-86 electoral register shows Henry Edward residing at the Schoolhouse, Keysoe Row, Bedford. Henry and Ada had two children whilst they were in Keysoe, Charles and Eva Mary. Henry appears to be living on Long Drove, Ten Mile Bank by 1894 and was the schoolmaster at St Marks school by 1896.

The 1901 census shows Henry and Ada living on Station Road (or Long Drove), with Charles and Eva Mary, and four futher sons.

The 1911 census show Henry and Ada living at Ten Mile Bank with their daughter Margaret and two sons Edward Duncan and Philip F. W. They also have a boarder, Lucy Williamson living with them. Both Margaret Elderkin and Lucy Williamson are listed as assistant teachers.

Henry & Ada

Gladwin Family

Andrew Jess Gladwin

Andrew was the station master. He appears to be married to an E. Gladwin. They had at least four daughters, the fourth being Esther Annie, who died aged 3 years on 12th March 1891.

Andrew died 27th Fen 1907 and is buried in St Marks cemetery.

Hailstone Family

Arthur & Mary Jane Hailstone

Arthur Hailstone was born in Hilgay, Norfolk, abt. 1855 to William Hailstone and Susan Carman. He married Mary Jane Carman in June 1877. They lived on Station Drove, Ten Mile Bank where Arthur was a coal dealer and a farmer of 4 acres. In 1879 their first daughter Agnes Mary was born. Agnus went on to marry William Scott and may have been their only child to get married. Their second daughter Maud Elizabeth was born in 1881 and their third Hannah Kate in 1884. Next came Horace born in 1886, who was the only son of Arthur and Mary Jane. Their forth daughter Eva was born in 1888, their fifth daughter, also Mary Jane in 1891 and their sixth daughter Edith in 1894. Sadly in 1897 Horace died aged only 11 years and was buried in St Marks cemetery.

Arthur, Mary Jane and their family were living in Ten Mile Bank at the time the toll was removed from the bridge. Arthur, Mary Jane and three of their daughters, Eva Kate & Maud had their photograph taken on the bridge the day the toll was removed on 11th October 1929. With them was Mary Jane’s sister-in-law Charlotte Carman (née Mace).

Arthur died in June 1934, and Mary Jane four years later in 1938.

Eva Died aged 47 on 29th June 1935. Maud Elizabeth died on 2nd Feb 1965 aged 84 years, and six years later in 1971 Hannah Kate died aged 87 years. All three were buried in St Marks cemetery at Ten Mile Bank. As the names on all three burial records are Hailstone, presumably none of these three every married.

Arthur & Mary Jane Hailstone, three of their daughters, Eva, Kate & Maud & Charlotte Carman. 11th November 1929

Howlett Family

Edward Howlett

Edward Howlett was a Licensor & Victualler probably from the Jolly Anglers at Ten Mile Bank. His daughter Sarah Howlett was married to Simon Goodchild a widowed farmer from Ten Mile Bank on 20th October 1847.

David Johnson Howlett

David Johnson Howlett from Ten Mile Bank was the son of Thomas Howlett. David married Fanny Clow also from Ten Mile Bank on 20th October 1848.

William & Alice Howlett

Alice Beaton, Mary Ann Leflays younger sister married William Howlett from Hilgay in 1905, presumably they met when Alice visited Mary Ann. William and Alice lived at the Windmill Public House, Ten Mile Bank, William was a toll collector for the Hilgay Bridge Company. Alice and William had 3 children, Eleanor Isabella 1907, Sylvia 1908 and John Forman 1910.

Albert E Howlett

Mr & Mrs A. E. Howlett lived at Rivercroft, Ten Mile Bank from 1933 or earlier to 1955 or later. They had at least two daughters, Mary (see below) and Doris (see Rice family below).

Mary Howlett

Mary attended Kings Lynn High School, and when she was 18 years old she was awarded a prize that was given annually by the Queen. She was received by the Queen at Sandringham. Where they spoke about Mary's ambition to read for a Science degree and of the floods in 1947. The prize was a book "The Golden Treasury", which the Queen signed before handing it to Mary.

Leflay Family

John & Ann Leflay

John Leflay was born in 1792 at Denver, Norfolk and worked as an agricultural labourer. He married Ann who was born in 1789 at nearby West Dereham. They lived in Boughton and Wereham for a short time after marriage, before settling to raise their family at Bexwell. Sadly John died on the 25th June 1837 at the age of 45 when youngest son John was just 4 years old. John is buried at Bexwell. Following John’s death Ann moved the family to Ten Mile Bank. Ann did not remarry; she worked on the land and continued to raise the family. Ann died at 75 years of age, and was buried on 5th February 1864 in St Mark's cemetery at Ten Mile Bank.

John and Ann had eight known children; Mary (1812), James (1817), William (1821) died age 8, Charles (1823), George (1825), Sarah (1829), Aaron (1831) and John (1833)

Mary Leflay

Mary, the eldest daughter of John and Ann, was born in Boughton, Norfolk. She never married and in later life lived at Ten Mile Bank with brother John and his family. She assisted in the family grocery and drapery shop.

James Leflay & Susanna Titmarsh

James, the eldest son of John and Ann, was born in Wereham and grew up to marry Susanna Titmarsh in 1839 who was born at Littleport in Cambridgeshire in 1819. They lived at Ten Mile Bank until James got a job on the railway and they went to live at Holton le Clay, Lincolnshire. Both died at Caistor, James in 1882 age 65, Susanna in 1894 age 73. They had ten children, sadly only four survived into adulthood.

Charles Leflay

Charles, the second eldest surviving son of John and Ann, was born at Bexwell. Charles married Hannah, daughter of John Budd in 1844. They had four children; John (1847), James (1849), Sarah (1852) & Mary Ann (1854).

Hannah died in June 1867 and Charles was remarried to Ann Shingles in 1868. Ann was the daughter of Henry and Alice Shingles, from Ten Mile Bank. Charles and Ann had one son; Charles Robert (1870). Charles Robert went on to marry Beatrice Clara Sturgess. Charles Robert and Beatrice Clara lived at Ten mile Bank and had three children before moving to Langham Essex. There is a small grave in St Marks cemetery marked Geoffrey Thomas the beloved child of C R & B C LEFLAY.

Charles and Ann remained in Ten Mile Bank. Charles died 2nd February 1909 aged 86. Ann died in 24th March 1910 age 82. They are buried together at Ten Mile Bank in St Marks cemetery.

Sarah Leflay

Sarah, the second daughter of John and Ann, was born at Bexwell. She married in 1852 at the age of 23.

Aaron Leflay & Susannah Burton

Aaron was born at Bexwell and married Susannah Burton, they lived at Ten Mile Bank. They had five children, Susannah (1855 died at 18 months), John (1857 died age 16), William (1859), Sarah Ann (1861) and Jane (1863 died at 10 months).

Aaron died in February 1863 at the age of 32 and is burried next to his mother Ann in St Marks cemetery. Susannah was remarried to William Sindall and had two more children Robert (1869) and James (1870).

John Leflay & Mary Barrow

John Leflay was born in 1833 and was the yougest son of John and Ann Leflay. John met Mary Barrow, who came from the nearby village of Southery. Mary was the daughter of Edward and Mary Barrow. John and Mary were married at Southery in January 1855 and they settled at Ten Mile Bank where all their children were born.

They began their married life at Anchor Drove TMB, John worked as an agricultural labourer. By 1871 Anchor Drove had become known as Long Drove. By this time they had started up a family business, a grocer and draper shop. The family ran the shop for more than ten years, but John eventually returned to farming, where he employed other men.

By 1901 John and Mary Leflay had retired and had gone to live by the sea at Poplar Avenue, Heacham. John and Mary eventually moved to Great Snoring in Norfolk where they lived out their days. Mary died on the 3rd July 1913 at the age of 77. Five years later they were reunited when John died on the 10th May 1918 at the age of 85. They are buried in Great Snoring church yard.

John and Mary had fifteen children, but only seven survived into adulthood; Sarah (1855), Hannah (1856), George (1858) died age 3, Verena (1860) died at 5 months, Verena (1862), Ann Mary (1863) died age 8 months, George Aaron (21st June 1865), John Barrow (1867) died age 8, James (1869) died at 7 months, Ada Jane (1871), Albert Arthur (1873) died at 8 months, Ernest William (1875), John Hugh (1877) died age 1 year, Ethel Mary (1879) died at 10 months, Eva Mary (1882).

John, Mary and family. Picture Taken 1873

Sarah Leflay

Sarah, the eldest daughter of John and Mary, became a dressmaker and married William Wright from Cambridgeshire in 1877. They continued the family tradition and owned a grocers and drapery shop in Stow Bardolph. By 1891 William and Sarah had moved to Brampton, Huntingdonshire and continued as grocers and drapers in High Street. William and Sarah had five children, Lois (1878), Samuel (1879), Thomas (1881), Dora (1884) and Elsie (1887). Samuel married Helen Mills from Staffordshire and together they ran a grocers and drapery shop in Main Street, Alconbury.

Hannah Leflay

Hannah was the second eldest daughter of John and Mary Leflay. Upon leaving school she assisted in the drapery side of the family shop at Ten Mile Bank. She married agricultural labourer Michael Rust in 1883, however Michael died in 1887 at the age of 35. Hannah was remarried to baker and grocer Harry Theobald in 1889. Hannah died eight years later in 1897 age 40, there is no evidence to suggest that she had any children.

Verena Leflay

Verena moved away after leaving school and worked as an assistant draper at a shop in Sporle Street, Palgrave, Norfolk. She returned to Ten Mile Bank and married John William Freeman, an agricultural labourer from Southery in 1887. They had two children, Evelyn (1889) and Arthur (1890). They continued to live at Ten Mile Bank, just a few doors away from Verena’s parents. Verena died when she was 45 on July 28th 1908 and is buried in Ten Mile Bank cemetery.

George Aaron & Mary Ann Beaton

George Aaron was the eldest surviving son and the seventh child of John and Mary Leflay. He was born at Ten Mile Bank on the 21st June 1865 and was baptised on the 16th of July. He was educated at the King Edward VII Grammar School in Kings Lynn.

During term time George Aaron boarded at the school. Towards the end of term he would write to his parents to inform them of his impending homecoming. John and Mary would send a horse and cart to the school to collect his trunk a few days before the end of term. George Aaron would then be expected to walk the fifteen miles to Ten Mile Bank as soon as the term ended. George Aaron left school in 1881 and worked on the grocery side of the family business.

It is understood that George Aaron enjoyed speed skating which was a popular activity on the Fens at this time. One member of the Leflay family, from Ten Mile Bank, took part in the ice skating match on the river Wissey at Hilgay in January 1871. It is possible that this was George Aaron Leflay, although he would have been only 6 years old at this time.

George Aaron married Mary Ann Beaton, the eldest daughter of John and Mary Beaton from Coates in Cambridgeshire. They were married on 8th December 1886 at Ten Mile Bank. George worked as a miller and was also a local Primitive Methodist Preacher.

George Aaron Leflay, with Mary Ann & their family. abt. 1902

George and Mary had nine children; Mary (1888), Ethel (1889), Hannah (1890), Mabel Aleatha (1893), John (1895), Hubert (1897), Lily (1900), Ivy Verena (1907) and George (1909).

George Aaron and Mary Ann Leflay stayed at Ten Mile Bank for several years until about 1906 when they, and the children, moved to Folly Farm at Staughton Moor, Huntingdonshire. George Aaron Leflay died on October 8th 1926 at the age of 60. Mary Ann went to live in a cottage in Great Staughton until she died on March 20th 1940 in her 73rd year. They are buried together at Great Staughton cemetery.

Ada Jane Leflay

Ada Jane lived with her parents in Ten Mile Bank, it is understood that she had some form of learning disability. In 1901 she was living next door to George Aaron and working for an elderly lady as a housekeeper. Ada left Ten Mile Bank and went to live with her parents at Fernleigh, Neville Rd, Heacham and later with younger sister Eva in Poplar Avenue, Heacham. She died July 3rd 1949 at St Andrews Hospital, Thorpe-next-Norwich. She was 78

Ernest William Leflay

Ernest William grew up in Ten Mile Bank and when he left school became a grocer and baker. On April 22nd 1899 he married Emily Maud Mary Lowden, from Islington London. They were married at St Marys Church, Hornsey Rise, Islington. They began married life at Snettisham where Ernest worked as an agent for The Prudential Assurance Company. They had three children, Hilda Maud (1900), Ida May (1901) and Ernest John (1904).

In 1906 Ernest and Emilie emigrated to America, via Canada. Sadly 10 month old baby Ernest died on April 13th 1906 in Ontario Canada, of measles. Ernest was drafted into the American army during the Great War in September 1918. He was described on his draft form as short, thin, with blue eyes and brown hair. Emilie was named as his next of kin.

By 3rd April 1930 at the age of 54, Ernest was widowed and working as a hospital orderly. He was lodging alone at West 112th Street in Manhattan, New York.

Eva Mary Leflay

Youngest daughter of John and Mary, Eva Mary, known as Polly, grew up in Ten Mile Bank. She left in her late teens to accompany her parents to Heacham, where she taught music privately from the new family home, 1 Victoria Villas, Poplar Road and later at Fernleigh Neville Rd (1911). Eva married Fred Collins and they adopted a baby called Mary. They later moved to King's Lynn and remained there until they died. Fred died in 1946 and Eva died in 1969 at the age of 87.

Porter Family

John Porter & Matilda Wright

John Porter, a labourer, and Matilda Wright had their daughter Ann Porter baptised on 24th November 1850. Their home parish is stated as Ten mile Bank, Hilgay.

Pecket & Hannah Porter

Peckett Galloway Porter was born in Southery. He was the son of William Galloway Porter who was a Grocer. Pecket had his own store in Ten Mile Bank and was also the postmaster. Peckett died April 17th, 1892 aged 67 years. He is buried in St Marks cemetery.

Alfred & Elizabeth Porter

Alfred was also from the post office. Elizabeth died Feburary 8th 1904, aged 33 years.

Pryer Family

Ambrose & Jane Pryer

Ambrose Pryer married Jane Smith on 25th October 1866. Ambrose was the son of William Pryer. Jane was the infants schoolmistress at St Marks school. They had 2 daughters. Amy Jane and Mary H. H. Amy Jane died at only 22 years old on 8th March 1890. It is not clear when Ambrose died, but Jane was widowed and living with her mother by 1891.

Mr Ambrose Pryer

Rayner Family

John Rayner & Mary Fisher

John Rayner was the son on Robert Ransom Rayner from Littleport and Sarah Jane Chapman from Ely. John was born on 26th December 1871. John married Mary Jane Fisher in 1892. They had seven children; John William (1894), Charles L. (1896), James H. (1897), Herbert (1899), Elsie May P. (1901), Edward (1902) and Florrie (1904). All of which were born in Littleport. The 1911 census shows John and Mary and all seven children living in a property with 5 rooms and the address of Ouse Bridge, Denver Sluice. John and Mary are living on Church Road at Ten Mile Bank in October 1939, with their son Herbert Rayner. However Mary died one month later on 18th November 1939, aged 66 years. She is buried in St Marks cemetery. John died on 16th April 1956 aged 84 years. He is buried with Mary in St Marks cemetery.

John William Rayner

John William Rayner was the first son of John & Mary Rayner. He was born on 19th December 1893. In 1939 he was living at Engine Cottages in Ten Mile Bank and his occupation was a Engine Driver's Mate. He appears to be living with his wife Julia and sons Maurice and Peter.

James Rayner

James H. Rayner, third son of John & Mary Rayner, was born on 8th March 1897. In 1939 he was a farm labourer living at Ten Mile Bank with his wife Mary and their son Cyril. Cyril is also a farm labourer working with poultry. So it's possible he was working on Poultry Farm on Station Road.

Edward Rayner & Hannah May Sutton Cobbins

Edward Rayner, or Ted, was the fifth son of John & Mary Rayner, born 2nd March 1902. At 19 years of age, Edward married Hannah May Sutton Cobbins on 12th March 1921. Edward and Hannah May Rayner are living on Engine Road at Ten Mile Bank in 1939. Edward died 12th December 1969 aged 67 years. He is buried in the cemetery of All Saints church in Hilgay. Hannah lived in one of the council bungalows at the top of Station Road opposite Stevens shop. She died on 19th Jan 1985 and is buried with Edward at Hilgay.

John Leslie Rayner & Mary Joan Fletcher

Born 6th April 1924, John Leslie was the first son of Edward & Hannah May Rayner. John married Mary Joan Fletcher in 1942 at Downham Market. They had five children and lived outside of the main village beside the river bank near Mantons Farm. Which is about halfway between the old and new pumping engines.

In later life they moved to a bungalow in Downham Market.

Rice Family

Maurice & Ethel Rice

Maurice Rice lived at Homeleigh, Ten mile bank from at least 1937. In 1939, Maurice is listed with Ethel at Homeleigh which appears to be on Station Road near Pear Tree House. Maurice is listed as an Air Raid Warden and Ethel is listed as a First Aid Volunteer. According to the telephone directory, by 1950 Maurice seems to have moved to Hawthorne House, and is still there in 1984.

Morton Rice

Morton Rice married Doris Howlett. He is living in Rivercroft from as early as 1960. Sometime between 1960 and 1970 he moved to Wellington House.

Morton was a Farmer operating Poultry Farm on Station Road. He provided some employment within the village and was also a school governor for several years.

Rose Family

Thomas & Hannah Rose

Thomas Rose was a farmer at Ten Mile Bank. He was married to Hannah, and they had three children; John B., Elizabeth Hannah and William Henry. Elizabeth Hannah died young aged only 21 years, on October 13 1863.

On 15th September 1870, Thomas Rose of Ten Mile Bank, laid the foundation stone at the new Methodist chapel in Downham Market, which he placed thereon 20/. (£20). It seems to have been a traditional ceremony to lay foundation stones and then place on them a contribution of money when building a new Methodist chapel. His son, William Henry would follow on with this tradition.

Hannah died suddenly on 1st July 1868. Thomas died three years later on November 18th, 1871. Thomas & Hannah are buried together at the front of the church near the road in St Marks cemetery.

John B. Rose

John is not buried in St Marks. He appears to have left the county in 1866, when his farm was put up for sale.

The Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazzette
September 21, 1872

William Henry & Sarah Rose

William Henry was Born on May 30th 1845. He and Sarah were married at St Edmunds church at Downham Market on Tuesday 6th August 1867. Sarah was the only daughter of Mr J Gleeves, also of Ten Mile Bank. They appear to have had eleven children; Hugh (1870), Ralph (1871), Gertrude (1872), Edwin (1875), Grace (1877), Bertram (1879), Kenneth (1881), Wilfred (1882), Percival (1884), Olive (1887), and Clifford (1889).

William Henry, like his father, was a farmer employing several men, boys and girls. White's directory of 1883 lists William Henry as a farmer on Anglers Drove, Ten Mile Bank. He had Wellington house built on Long Drove (Station Road), where he lived with Sarah and their children. William Henry was a prominent figure in the Methodist movement and laid a foundation stone at the Chapel on Long Drove.

William died in 1919, and Hannah ten years later on March 30th 1929. They are both buried together at the front of the church near the road in St Marks cemetery.

Clifford Rose

Clifford, son of William Henry lived at Hawthorn house. His two sons were killed during word war II.

Edwin Rose

Edwin lived at Wellington house.

Redhead Family

Bensley William Redhead

Bensley & Elizabeth

Bensley was born in Hackford, Nofolk, at approximately 1816, his Father was Thomas Redhead. He married Elizabeth Proctor Sexton when they were both aged 26 at Hilgay Parish Church in 1842. By 1871 he was a farmer at Ten Mile Bank employing 6 men, 2 boys and 2 girls. He lived with his wife Elizabeth and their two sons Bensely William and Thomas H. They employed a general domestic servant named Anna C. Carman.

By 1881 they are still at Ten Mile Bank. Bensley now employs 4 men. Their servant is now Susanna Carman.

By 1891 they are all still living together at Ten Mile Bank. Thomas is now the assistant overseer, and their servant is now Hannah Cooper. However, Bensley appears to have died in the last quarter of 1891 aged 78.

Bensley William & Elizabeth

Bensley William Redhead was born in 1843. He was a founding figure of the Methodist movement in Ten Mile Bank, and also a farmer. He married Elizabeth Betts Ambrose in 1896. By the time of the 1911 census aged 63 he appears to be living with his wife Elizabeth aged 65 at The Orchards, Common Lane, Denver. He is still residing at Common Lane, Denver in 1915.

William Proctor Readhead

William Proctor Redhead, aged 18, Drowned at East Dearham, he was the son of B Redhead of Ten Mile Bank.

Smith Family

John & Eleanor Smith

Mr John Smith of Ten Mile Bank, Hilgay, Norfolk married Miss Eleanor Cole of Downham Holts, Isle of Ely on June 5th, 1850.
Cambridge Independent Press, June 8th, 1850

John and Eleanor Smith lived on Poplar Farm. There are quite a few Smiths in St Marks cemetary. Robert Alphonso, eldest son on John & Eleanor (from Hilgay Fen), Mabel beloved child of John & Eleanor Smith, Margaret Thurza second daughter of John & Eleanor Smith (from Hilgay Fen).

William & Jane Smith

William and Jane lived at Hawthorn House. William died 28th September 1872 aged 78 years. Jane died 20 years later on 16th December 1892. They are buried together in St Marks cemetery.

Their daughter Jane married Ambrose Pryer and was the infants school mistress at St Mark's School

Mr William Smith
Mrs Jane Smith

Stevens Family

William & Elizabeth Stevens

William Stevens was a water engine driver living on Ten Mile Bank. He was married to Elizabeth. They had three children; Jonathon, Mary and William Waddleton. William was the water engine driver for over 20 years, still in the occupation when he was 67. William Died in 1884 aged 71 years. Elizabeth died on 10th May 1893. They are burried together in St Marks cemetery.

Susan Stevens

Susan Stevens was born around 1844. She was the daughter of William Stevens, an Engine Keeper. Susan married John Duvet when she was 20 years of age on 6th Aug 1864. Both Susan and John Duvet have 10 mile bank, Hilgay stated as their home parish. Ellen Stevens and William Cook were witnesses.

Ellen Stevens

Ellen Stevens was also a daughter of Williams Stevens the Engine Keeper. Ellen married William Cook on 22nd October 1864.

Mary Stevens

Mary Stevens appears to be from Southery and was married in Southery to William Rodgers Bell on 23rd May 1874. Her father was also William Stevens an Engine Driver.

James William Stevens

James William Stevens was a cycle agent and a tea dealer at the post office in Ten Mile Bank.

Taylor Family

Child scolded to death

John Thomas Taylor aged 4 years fell into a pail of scalding water. His mother and father also had a 20 year old daughter at the time. Feb 1885.