In and around Ten Mile Bank

Botany Bay Farm

Shown on maps from 1886 and 1904, this farm is situated beside Main Engine drain.

Four Score Farm

This farm was located at the bottom of Sedge Drove.

Mantons Farm

Mantons farm was located outside the village on Engine Road.

Pear Tree Farm

This farm is located in little west fen on what was know as Budds Drove, now Modney Bridge Road.

The original farmhouse was demolished sometime around 1990 and a new house built in its place.

Pleasent House

There were farm buildings located at pleasent house on Cross Drove, which was close to the railway station. It is not clear what the name of farm was. Maybe you know?

Poplar Farm

John and Elenor Smith lived on Poplar Farm. There are quite a few Smiths in St Marks cemetary. Robert Alphonso, eldest son on John & Elenor (from Hilgay Fen), Mabel beloved child of John & Elenor Smith, Margaret Thurza second daughter of John & Elenor Smith (from Hilgay Fen).

Poultry Farm

Located on Station Road, operated by Mr Rice of Wellington House in th 1980s. As well crops, this farm produced chickens. Some employees where Author Muffett, Fred Macro and David Macro.

Ship Lode Farm

Located on the west bank of the river Ouse, apporixmatly opposite to the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Egg Shell Hall. This appears to be in the location of what was later known as Council Farm and then Cherry Tree Farm.


Mr and Mrs Register appear to have lived on Ship Lode Farm. Mrs Register was kicked in the breast by one of their horses in July.


John & Elizabeth Yarrow lived on Council Farm in 1939.


Mr George Reed was living in a bungalow here in the 1980s. By this time it was known as Cherry Tree Farm. There was a large cherry tree located in the garden of his bungalow.

Town Hundred

Cambridge Independent Press, February 15, 1851

Described as ajoining the Ten Mile Bank at Hilgay, the exact location is unknown.

Mr Samual Cossey's lease appears to have expired on Lady-day in 1851. Lady-day, 25th March, was the first of the four quarter days. These were four dates in each year on which servants were hired, school terms started, and rents were due.

Vennie Farm

Listed for let in the Stamford Mercury on Friday 14th April 1094, was Vennies farm. Having 190A. with a suitable farm house, buildings and cottages, situated in Hilgay, Upwell & Welney including 28A. of land in welney washes. Water carriage by the Ten-mile River or the Hundred-feet River.

The main farm buildings were located right at the bottom of Willow Row Drove on the east bank of the 100foot river. Mr Walter Wayman appears to have owned Vennie Farm in 1896.

Willow Farm

Located on church road north west of St Marks, where Willow Row Drove joins church road. This is right on the outskirts of the village just a little before you come to Ouse Bridge. Mrs Ely, the cook from the school lived here in the 1980s. She would cycle from here to the school each day.

Willow Drove Farm

The farm was located about halfway along Willow Row Drove.